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Made Thought | Higginson Strategy

What we did


To establish London Design Studio Made Thought as thought leaders in the global visual culture space.


Higginson helped to organise and create a journal featuring a collection of longform conversations between Made Thought’s founders and a range of inspiring thinkers from an eclectic range of fields, such as Tom Dixon, Craig Robins and Frederic Malle. The journal was titled TO THINK to reflect that deep thought was at the core of what Made Thought do.


The first edition of TO THINK – ‘How do you go deep in a shallow world?’ launched in September 2018. The beautifully designed journal helped establish Made Thought as leading thinkers in the design world as they were interviewed by leading trade publications to discuss TO THINK and the wide-range of topics it covered.

Campaign stats

50 pieces of coverage

918k online coverage views

2.82 million print readers

“I had to admit I had to be convinced about using a PR firm. I was worried they wouldn’t ‘get’ who we were. In a very short time we were featured heavily in some of the most respected publications in our industry. Additionally Higginson was integral in helping us to identify how we talk about what we do as an organisation.”

Paul Austin

Made Thought Founder

Gaining global coverage

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