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With 40 years between them working in journalism, public affairs and communications John and Clodagh Higginson saw that there were agencies that were great at strategy and others that were great at delivering results. But there were few that were great at both. Higginson identifies organisations that make the world a better place and supports them in delivering their goals.

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I had to admit I had to be convinced about using a PR firm. I was worried they wouldn’t ‘get’ who we were. In a very short time we were featured heavily in some of the most respected publications in our industry. Additionally Higginson was integral in helping us to identify how we talk about what we do as an organisation.

Paul Austin

Founder, Made Thought

The level of personalisation that you get from two people who clearly know their stuff is impressive and well worth investing in.



Higginson are the perfect fit. John has a proven track record in political campaigning while Clodagh has the media contacts and nous to achieve our ambitious aim.

A Plastic Planet

co-founder Sian Sutherland

Their work speaks for itself.

Ajit Menon

Blacklight Advisory co-founder


Wendy Schmidt

businesswoman and philanthropist

The team at Higginson Strategy instantly understood the ethos behind Invisible Britain. More importantly, they also knew how to communicate its intentions and reach the right audience to make sure we raised the funding needed to take the project to the next stage.

Paul Sng

Creative Director, Invisible Britain

Higginson really thinks through what you are seeking to achieve – the outcomes. Then explores how to get there. With a very engaging, frank, challenging, pragmatic, informed, and supportive approach. Thoroughly recommended.

Graham Colclough

Partner, Urban DNA



“John Higginson is described by former colleagues an astute operator who ‘gets’ both media and public affairs,” Public Affair’s News’ ‘Movers and Shakers’ list

“You get a buzz from knowing the person you work for is basking in the glory,” John Higginson, Communicate

“One of the most wide-ranging, and frankly nicest public affairs interviews I’ve done,” PRCA director general Francis Ingham, Public Affairs News

“Small tweaks to messages can trigger significant behavioural changes,” John Higginson, CIPR Influence

“Higginson appoints Sutherland as Head of Brand” PR Week

“The demand for video content is only going up,” John Higginson, Gorkana

“It would be difficult to find two people with a better media contacts book than John and Clodagh Higginson,” Paul Foulkes-Arellano, Head of Client Programmes, Precipice Design

“Higginson picks up new ride-hailing service Karhoo,” Public Affairs News

“There has never been a more interesting – or vital – time to get the message right. I’m excited about helping our clients do just that,” Clodagh Higginson, Gorkana

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Higginson continues to grow largely because we are so successful at helping our clients grow their reputations, create positive change and win new business. One of the main reasons for this is our recruitment policy: we hire excellent people and create a positive environment in which they can do great work.

We are always interested in hearing from talented and experienced people who would like to join our team.



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