Media Training

We know what a pressure cooker live TV and radio can be. Get it right and you will inspire audiences into action. Get it wrong and you will crash and burn.

Higginson’s crack squad of broadcast journalists are used to standing up in front of the nation and doing their thing. Clodagh Higginson faced down Piers Morgan as ITV Good Morning Britain’s Political Correspondent. John Higginson helped millions of viewers digest the political stories of the day as a pundit on Sky News.

Our intense media training puts you through the wringer so when the time comes you are ready to smash it.

Due to the current health crisis, more and more interviews are taking place over Zoom and Skype. As a result, our media training can now be conducted in that way in the first instance.

Digital Events

Even before COVID-19 changed the world, the pivot towards hosting online events had begun to take hold.

In this era where everyone is getting to grips with new norms, new technologies, and new ways of working, Higginson helps clients conceive, plan and execute digital functions so engaging they make audiences feel like they are sitting in the front row of a presidential address.

Whether it’s game-changing virtual roundtables, illuminating webinars, mega campaign launches, or even Friday evening quarenteenies, Higginson creates online events that pack a punch.

Video Production

If a picture says a thousand words, a video says a million more. Videos change the world. They transform also-rans into front-runners. They convert leads into business. They move markets. They move mountains.

Our award-winning videography team lives and breathes the delicate art of filmmaking. Equally-adept at producing commercials as creating viral campaign spots, our videographers deliver picture-perfect videos time and again.

Higginson works closely with clients to create big-bang videos that will inspire audiences into action. We deliver high-impact videos that resonate with all who see them, putting everything in place to ensure your message goes viral.

Public Affairs

Lobbying has a bad rep. But politicians can’t make decisions in a vacuum. We make sure that your organisation is being talked about for all the right reasons in the corridors of power.

We know what makes the major players in Whitehall and Westminster tick. Proud members of the Association of Professional Political Consultants, we deliver a message that decision-makers can’t ignore.

Higginson helps clients grab the political agenda by the scruff of the neck. We work with clients to set laser-sharp public affairs objectives, going all out to deliver against clear, measurable targets.

Thought Leadership

No one wants to read boring corporate guff. Run of the mill opinions are ten a penny. We craft disruptive content that makes people sit up and listen.

Higginson works with clients to turbo-charge their profile on the international stage. From provocative comment pieces that stop readers in their tracks to interviews on TV and radio, we help clients blow their competition out of the water first time every time.

We help clients find their own voice, rather that creating one for them. We get under the skin of what you want to say, and help you say it in the most hard-hitting way possible.


Media strategies that deliver stratospheric returns for clients are our bread and butter. We go to ridiculous lengths to devise a water-tight plan. And then we strike to devastating effect.

A delicately-assembled stable of award-winning national TV and newspaper journalists, Higginson deploys big-bang media tactics to help clients knock their long-term targets out of the park.

We know that developing a laser-sharp strategy with measurable targets is key to success. Right off the bat we sit down with you and devise a set of crystal-clear goals. From landing new business to making the world a better place, Higginson helps clients climb right to the very top.

Social Media

Social media has become the world’s currency of choice. Organisations ignore it at their peril.

Higginson takes a fine-tooth comb to your social media offering to find out what needs to change. We develop a crystal-clear strategy and then implement it with laser precision.

We know what drives traffic to social media accounts and what repels it. We deliver game-changing social media content that users will rush to share again and again.

Creative Campaigns

The days of achieving change with meetings behind closed doors are long gone. We know what it takes to mount a zero-to-hero campaign that changes the world forever.

Higginson works with clients to create campaigns that create change from the ground up. Drawing on behavioural psychology and nudge theory, we help clients transform behaviour.

We work with purpose-driven organisations that want to change the world for the better. Quick to roll up our sleeves and get stuck in, we rip up the rulebook and create new opportunities for change.

Property PR

Higginson Strategy is a leading purpose-led PR agency that creates and delivers proactive and award-winning charity, NGO, corporate and B2B communication campaigns.

The Built Environment division consists of Property PR and communication specialists providing integrated strategic consultancy to bring together clients and their audiences.

Our experienced team works with market leading real estate clients to shape their communications and business objectives.

Environmental PR

The practice of environmental PR focuses specifically on communicating the needs of the environment through a client’s product or service.

At Higginson, we work with environmentally focused clients, whether you are a non-profit organisation or have a new product innovation set to change the planet.

We drive brand awareness through communicating environmental issues, such as the problem with plastic pollution and unsustainable practices within the built environment.

Purpose Driven PR

Purpose-driven public relations is an essential tool for any company with social, cultural or environmental values at its heart who seeks to structure and communicate their key messages and goals to a wider audience.

Previously, PR may have had a negative reputation in this sphere, with hesitations that it could be used as a fig leaf enabling corporations to inflate their green initiatives in an effort to falsely improve their public image a process known as greenwashing.

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