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Empower Change Accelerated | Higginson Strategy

What we did


Around the world women and minorities continue to fall victim to prejudice and unfair treatment at home, in the workplace and across society at large.


Led by former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, Higginson launched Empower at an event in Parliament hosted by Jess Phillips MP. Empower was created to provide a dedicated communications practice devoted solely to accelerating female and minority empowerment.


Through laser focused lobbying tactics and a consistent drum of media support, Empower has now built a collation of thought leaders from the worlds of politics, business, media and the third sector to campaign on behalf of women and minorities on a range of issues around the world. In its first year Empower successfully led a number of campaigns designed to support women in areas such as job sharing and tackling online harms.

Campaign Stats

6 roundtable industry events hosted

25+ pieces of coverage

525,000 online coverage views

“Often when we talk about empowerment, we’re referring to a simple 50/50 split in opportunities between men and women. But the reality is, that, for the most part, women and men are still very unequal, especially in terms of representation. Also in terms of the roles that they are able to play and the way in which the business recognises their needs and contributions as leaders; as staff and as customers.”

Jacqui Smith

Former Home Secretary and Chair of Empower

Gaining national coverage

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