What we did


Property management company, LRPM, had always grown through the personal connections of its indomitable and highly sociable founder Letitia Randell.

LRPM wanted to grow its client base without always having to lean on its founder.


Higginson Strategy identified London and Norfolk as key markets for LRPM’s services.

Higginson did a deep dive into LRPM’s purpose finding that Letitia was passionate about providing honest and clear pricing in an industry where it isn’t always the case.

We also found they had an all-female team, while welcoming men, in a very male dominated industry which we turned to their advantage.

After finding this angle, Higginson Strategy pushed out stories which highlighted their strengths.


After seeing the story in the Eastern Daily Press a client called LRPM to provide services worth tens of thousands of pounds a year. The client is very high profile, acting as a magnet for other clients.

Campaign Stats

Number of pieces of coverage: 32


Number of views: 6,870,000


Return on investment within three months: 4x

Coverage secured in

“Before engaging Higginson Strategy I had no real concept of what PR was and was honestly a little dubious about its value for money and whether it would work for my kind of business. It’s fair to say I was completely wrong. Within the first month I had quadrupled my investment and gained a number of clients who were made aware of my business through the PR they released!”


“I’d pick this PR firm every time absolutely great work.”

Letitia Randell,

Managing Director of LRPM

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