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What we did


Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, images of discarded plastic PPE on beaches or in the marine environment have become increasingly common. Some 761 million pieces of PPE, predominantly made from plastic, have been distributed across the UK alone from February – June 2020.


Working alongside packaging innovators Reelbrands and Transcend Packaging, A Plastic Planet developed the world’s first Plastic Free PPE which will help millions of people around the globe tackle the spread of Covid-19 while protecting the planet.


Through a big-bang media launch Higginson ensured the news that more than 1 million Plastic Free PPE REELshield Visors can be produced each week was seen by millions of people around the world. Wall-to-wall coverage was achieved in media outlets including the Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph and Sky News.

Campaign stats

1 million+ online reads

3 million+ TV viewers

300,000+ print readers

“Higginson are the perfect fit. John has a proven track record in political campaigning while Clodagh has the media contacts and nous to achieve our ambitious aim.”

Sian Sutherland

A Plastic Planet Co-Founder

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Gaining global coverage


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