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Plastic Free Post Interview: Paul Foulkes-Arellano

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Circuthon® Consulting  Founder and plastic-free packaging expert Paul Foulkes-Arellano on the importance of tackling plastic pollution, how to reduce plastic consumption and his favourite plastic free thing in the world.

Why is plastic pollution an important issue to tackle?

Plastics are just part of the chemical industry’s wanton destruction of the environment. Nature cannot deal with plastic waste – it’s a threat to biodiversity and our ecological security,

What is the one thing you do to reduce your plastic footprint?

I always question whether there is a non-fossil alternative available. I’ve been able to avoid buying a plastic shower tray, and plastic plant pots by thinking just a little bit harder.

Do you have any product that you like that helps to reduce plastic?

I have an Ecozone laundry ecoball – tiny pellets in a sphere.  We’ve done hundreds of loads of washing without having to buy any liquid or capsules – and all spotless.

What is your favourite plastic-free thing in the world?

My favourite plastic-free item is my gardening shears – I’ve had two pairs of plastic shears disintegrate on me.  My dad gave me his old wooden shears. I haven’t even sharpened them, and they have helped me keep my half-dozen fruit trees from invading the neighbours’ garden.

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