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Plastic Free Post Interview: Neil Garrick-Maidment

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Neil Garrick-Maidment, The Seahorse Trust Executive Director and Founder, campaigns to preserve the natural world, especially the marine environment using seahorses as its flagship species.

Speaking to Plastic Free Post, Neil gives his take on the importance of tackling plastic pollution, how to reduce plastic consumption, and his favourite plastic free thing in the world.

Why is plastic pollution an important issue to tackle?

It affects everything on our planet, there is nothing now not affected by it. It is everywhere. 

What is the one thing you do to reduce your plastic footprint?

I recycle everything I can and try not buy stuff with too much packaging. I also turn plastic milk bottles into a reusable planter to grow trees instead of throwing them away. You can use the container to plant the seed. In the spring you will get a small sapling. Leave it in the container and during the second winter once the leaves have dropped off, plant it out into the wild.

Clean out and wash, with a mild detergent, then use the container again for the next lot of seeds.

Do you have any product that you like that helps to reduce plastic?

Vegetables when they come in paper bags and not plastic ones. 

What is your favourite plastic-free thing in the world?

Sadly there is little to nothing that does not have plastic connected to it but growing trees is one of my favourite things for so many reasons.

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