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Inside Higginson: meet Isla, Account Executive

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How long have you been at Higginson Strategy and what brought you to the company?  

I’ve been at Higginson for six months now! This time last year I was living and working in Sydney, Australia. As the pandemic hit I had a day to get home before the Malaysian borders were closing. Arriving back on English soil greeted by a dreary grey English sky after nearly two years away was quite unsettling. I instantly yearned to be back in Bondi but distracted myself with a commitment to finding a new job that would suit my passions. Finding Higginson was a revelation  – realising I would be able to combine my passion for the environment with my desire to work for a communications agency. 

Why is being part of a purpose-driven agency important to you?

Working for a company that shares your values is extremely rewarding. Being able to wake up everyday knowing you’re helping clients who are truly having a positive impact, and seeing their success, is really fulfilling. 

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I mostly enjoy the variety that comes with working at an agency. At Higginson you have the added bonus of knowing that each campaign is having a positive impact. 

What is the one thing you do to reduce your impact on the planet?

I’ve been vegetarian most of my life and have started to shop more sustainably, realising you can get a lot of joy from buying unique pieces from small sustainable brands. I guess I also try to share the knowledge that I pick up from my job and having a genuine interest in sustainability. Getting questioned by my boyfriend’s mum about what can and can’t go in the recycling reminds me sometimes it’s small acts that can help make a difference. 

What’s been keeping you busy during the pandemic?

Lockdown one I took on sourdough which kept my family happy (although my starter has now been very neglected). This lockdown I took on chess after watching the Queen’s gambit  – I realise I’m sounding very cliche. The main things that have kept me sane though is definitely running and beer – I believe balance is the key to happiness. 

Favourite hobby?

I’m originally from the south coast and while I love living in the city I’m really missing escaping back home for long coastal walks. I’m really looking forward to summer and hopefully being able to spend some time on the beach with my family (and their new puppy!)

Item you can’t live without?

My running shoes!

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