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Plastic Free Post Interview: Lisette van Effrink

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Lisette van Effrink, Plastic Soup Foundation Health Campaigner, is influential in driving forward the organisation’s campaigns on the impact of plastic on human health. She was one of the lead figures in organising the world‘s first Plastic Health Summit in 2019. Being a passionate surfer and a proud mother, Lisette is eager to protect the ocean and future generations from the harmful effects of plastics.

Speaking to Plastic Free Post, Lisette gives her take on the importance of tackling plastic pollution, how to reduce plastic consumption, and her favourite plastic free thing in the world.

Why is plastic pollution an important issue to tackle?

Being a surfer, I encountered first-hand how polluted our oceans are. My playground was full of plastic and I decided to do something about it.

When I got the opportunity to start working for Plastic Soup Foundation, I found out that plastic not only has a devastating impact on our environment, but that our own health may be at risk too. It is therefore of utmost importance to protect the ocean and future generations from the harmful effects of plastics. 

What is the one thing you do to reduce your plastic footprint?

I use glass and RVS baby bottles. When I started reading into plastic and its impact on human health, I decided to bottle-feed our baby-girl with plastic-free materials only. A few weeks ago, I read the news about the scientific research showing that babies ingest 1.6 million microplastics daily through polypropylene baby bottles. I was happy we didn’t use those bottles and want to recommend to all other caretakers to please use glass or RVS bottles.            

Do you have any product that you like that helps to reduce plastic?

I use a menstrual cup. Cups save hundreds of tampons that might contain plastic, it is convenient, better for your health, and it saves money. 

What is your favourite plastic-free thing in the world?

That’s a no-brainer! My beautiful, heavily used Klean Kanteen water bottle. I drag this one with me wherever I go.

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