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Inside Higginson: Meet Charlotte, our newest SAE

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What attracted you to Higginson Strategy? 

I was really impressed by the work Higginson have done to inspire change in the plastic-free sphere and in women’s empowerment. It’s important for me to work with an organisation that has a positive impact so I knew I wanted to be involved with whatever they were going to do next in 2021.

Why is being part of a purpose-driven agency important to you?

I believe that everyone has their role to play in leaving the world better than we found it and PR can be a powerful tool to drive change, change people’s perceptions and raise awareness for worthy causes. I was particularly excited to be a part of a business where social good comes first, that approach makes me feel proud of the work I do every day.

What are you enjoying most about your new role? 

Starting a new job while working remotely was an intimidating prospect, but everyone has been really welcoming and I feel part of the team already. Working on such a diverse range of clients has been rewarding and a great learning experience in the short time I’ve been here.

What is the one thing you do to reduce your impact on the planet? 

I really try not to buy from fast fashion brands and instead support sustainable brands or buy vintage wherever possible. This means that I always know where my clothes come from, who has made them and what the business behind them stands for. I also love having unique items that no one else has!

What’s been keeping you busy during the pandemic? 

Anything crafty! I have been busy making plant pots, jewellery dishes and candle holders out of clay and the pandemic has given me an excuse to get all my old paints out. Like everyone else, I have also been binge watching every box set available and I have sunk hundreds of hours into my Nintendo Switch.

Hidden talent / secret skill? 

I am obsessed with film cameras and film photography and you will rarely catch me out and about without an obnoxiously heavy Nikon. Since picking it up five years, I would like to think I am now pretty good at taking pictures!

Item you can’t live without? 

My Nespresso machine 

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