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We are honoured to represent the following authorities, each with specific areas of expertise and insights. Given the current climate, the impact of COVID-19 on the economy, health service and environment looks set to dominate conversations for months to come.


Expert Bureau is a resource for journalists. If you would like to speak to or get a quote from any of our experts please email:


Clare Stewart Munn

CEO and Founder of Boxmedia

Clare Munn is the CEO and Founder of Boxmedia .

Clare is an entrepreneur, media executive & activist focused on disrupting irrelevant and redundant models through storytelling.

Clare founded Box Media is 2016 to enable and educate the workforce of the future through an on demand, learning platform to address the challenges facing the workplace today such as AI, upskilling and remote work with a Hollywood-quality, next generation content library

Carol Chandler-Thompson

Carol Chandler-Thompson

Head at Blackheath High School GDST

Carol Chandler-Thompson is Head at Blackheath High School GDST.

Blackheath High is rated ‘Excellent in all areas’ by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI).

Carol has written for publications including The Independent on the key role educators should play in promoting gender equality.

Clare Stewart Munn

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