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Inside Higginson: Meet Stephen

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·         How long have you been at Higginson Strategy and what brought you to the company?  

In January 2018, I had just completed an internship in Belfast, was looking for my next move and stumbled upon the Higginson website. The work it was doing in the environmental space really appealed to me, so I wrote the boss, John Higginson, a speculative email. He replied, “Good tactic. Almost no one bothers to contact company bosses directly. Send me your CV and I will see.” And over three years later I am still here!

·         What’s the best part of your role at Higginson? 

The variety. In my time here I feel like no two days have been remotely similar! That in addition to the fact that so many of the organisations we work with do such amazing work. I love that I’m able to support them for my job. 

·         Why is being part of a purpose-driven agency important to you?

It’s hugely motivating to work somewhere where everyone is so passionate and bonded by a common goal to make the world a better place. 

·         What is the one thing you do to reduce your impact on the planet? 

I really try to avoid using single-use plastic at all costs. I carry my big reusable water bottle everywhere, take my KeepCup to the coffee shop and even got some bamboo cutlery and washable non-plastic food covers (to replace cling film) for Christmas. 

·         One hidden talent / secret skill

Some people would say being able to remember insignificant football matches from the mid-2000s in great detail isn’t a talent or skill, and they would be right, but I can do that. 

·         One item you couldn’t live without?

Does Spotify count as an item? 

·         What’s been keeping you busy during the pandemic? 

A couple of friends and I decided this would be a good time to finally watch those TV shows often regarded as modern classics. We started with The Sopranos which blew us all away. The show’s reputation precedes itself, so we weren’t surprised by how good it was, but none of us were prepared for how funny it was. We’ve now moved onto The Wire. 

·         What’s one thing you’re hopeful for in 2021? 

On a selfish level, a return of live music gigs!

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