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Inside Higginson: meet Lauren, Executive Assistant

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How long have you been at Higginson Strategy and what brought you to the company?  

I joined the company in March 2021. John and Clodagh contacted me with a new opportunity, the role matched everything I was looking for. But the company’s culture and purpose really stood out for me.

Why is being part of a purpose-driven agency important to you?

Higginson Strategy is inspiring and motivating. The company contributes to making a difference.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

The diversity, my schedule is variable and exciting. I’m constantly learning as most of my days are never the same. Within my role I enjoy assisting others to make their day a little bit easier!

What is the one thing you do to reduce your impact on the planet?

I make a conscious effort to visit the recycling facility every week.

What’s been keeping you busy during the pandemic?

I absolutely love cooking/baking. I bought some new cookbooks and have been making something new every day. I have now perfected my brownie recipe! To balance out the food intake I started couch to 5K and would highly recommend the app!

Favourite hobby?

I LOVE ice skating! I’m definitely no Torvill or Dean, but I’m not clinging to the side either!

Item you can’t live without?

Without sounding too materialistic, hair straighteners! Any hint of humidity I look like Monica from Friends or Hagrid. Not sure which one is worst!

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