Water-soluble infection control bags donated to NHS

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What we did


When the coronavirus outbreak began, medical and care staff across the country had to bring their (possibly infected) scrubs home putting themselves and loved ones in increased danger of catching the virus. Aquapak make water soluble bags that would mean front-line staff can put their potentially infected clothes straight into the wash at home without taking them out.


Higginson supported Aquapak in gaining access to key officials at NHS Trusts in England to ensure their solution could be picked up quickly by the sector. We ran a PR second campaign which put PR secondary to getting the product to the front line. Only once the solution had been effectively used did Higginson support Aquapak in gaining national coverage.


Nearly 50,000 bags have been donated to NHS Trusts and health and social care providers in locations across the country including Norfolk, Worcester, Leeds and Newcastle. Higginson ensured the story was covered on the BBC News website, on national radio and in local papers across the nation.

Campaign stats

12 pieces of coverage

353k online coverage views

400k radio listeners

“On behalf of University Hospitals Birmingham I would like to thank Aquapak for their kind donation of laundry bags to our front-line staff.”

Lisa Stalley Green

Executive chief nurse at the University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust

Gaining national coverage


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