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What we did


In early 2018, despite its current success, ride-hailing marketplace Karhoo was still best known for the failure of its previous iteration which went into administration due to well-documented management issues.


Through a series of media training sessions with Karhoo’s new senior team at Westminster Live London’s Premier Studios, Higginson’s crack squad of broadcast journalists helped Karhoo’s new leadership prepare for key interviews and industry events around the world.


Karhoo is now known for its innovative ideas and its future, rather than its past. Through successful interviews in national newspapers such as The Times and a series of stories in the transport media detailing Karhoo’s rise, Higginson helped rejuvenate the company’s image into one that was fully trusted by the industry and seen as enterprising, responsible and forward-thinking.

Campaign stats

222 pieces of coverage

2.24 million online coverage views

264,000 print readers

“I would highly recommend John and Clodagh and their impressive team.”

Boris Pilichowski

Co-CEO at Karhoo

Gaining global coverage


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