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A Plastic Planet

Turning off the plastic tap

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What we did


In early 2017 A Plastic Planet was a strong concept. Co-founders Sian Sutherland and Frederikke Magnussen had identified that the world was drowning in plastic but the world had not yet woken up to it. They needed support in getting the public to wake up to it and getting business and politicians to make bold moves


Higginson first worked with A Plastic Planet on a targeted social media campaign to raising public support for a ‘plastic-free aisle’ in supermarkets. Higginson worked with A Plastic Planet to get the message out to a global audience with big bang events such as ‘One Plastic-Free Day’ and Plastic-free PPE. Higginson has supported with Early Day Motions, questions in Parliament and


A Plastic Planet has been covered by media around the world. In the UK a tax on virgin plastic is in process after intense lobbying. While exports of plastic waste to developing countries have been banned on the back of APP’s lobbying with Higginson’s support. APP has been featured in Time Square, in New York as well as across Asia building pressure for plastic bag bans.

Campaign stats

250+ pieces
of coverage worldwide

5m+ online reads

social shares

“Higginson had a clear goal. To make APP one of the most effective forces for plastic free change in British politics. Higginson achieved both the deliverables asked of them, focusing the minds of key politicians on plastic pollution at a time when Brexit is causing chaos, opening the door for us to ignite and inspire change from within Government.”

Sian Sutherland

A Plastic Planet Founder

Gaining global coverage