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This week scientists from Denmark warned of the environmental impact of discarded plastic face masks used during the pandemic, revealing some three million masks are being thrown away every minute.

In more positive news we saw a host of new plastic-free products come into play, with the world’s first plastic-free pregnancy test launched, as well as Capsul’in Pro unveiling its home compostable bio-based coffee capsule.

I also had the pleasure of speaking to Neil Garrick-Maidment, founder of The Seahorse Trust, which campaigns to preserve the natural world with a special focus on the marine environment.
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John Higginson
Plastic Free Post

The Plastic Free Post Interview: Neil Garrick-Maidment

Neil Garrick-Maidment, The Seahorse Trust Executive Director and Founder, on the importance of tackling plastic pollution, how to reduce plastic consumption, and his favourite plastic-free thing in the world.

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3 million plastic face masks thrown away every minute, say researchers

Some three million plastic face masks are thrown away every minute, according to a team of researchers from Denmark. The scientists, from the University of Southern Denmark, found we are throwing away 129 billion plastic face masks around the globe every single month, or three million masks every single minute. The vast majority of these masks are plastic, single-use face coverings, with the researchers warning the masks will have a hazardous impact on the environment.

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World’s first plastic-free pregnancy test is now available

The world’s first plastic-free, biodegradable, and flushable pregnancy test is now available. The launch of the new test, named Lia, marks the first major innovation in the at-home pregnancy test space for over 30 years. Lia swaps the traditional plastic casings with a paper-based design that is strong enough to stay intact through manufacturing and shipping but natural enough to break down in soil or water in a matter of weeks.

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Capsul’in Pro launches home compostable bio-based coffee capsule

Luxembourg-based company Capsul’in Pro has launched its Zero Impact Nespresso-compatible coffee capsule. The company says it is the first of its kind to be 100 percent bio-based, certified home compostable, and with a high oxygen barrier that protects the flavour and aroma of the coffee. The capsule is completely plant-based and does not contain materials derived from fossil fuels.

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Fairbourne child’s bid to ban toys in magazines

A 10-year-old girl is campaigning to stop plastic toys being included in children’s magazines amid concerns about the impact on climate change. Skye, from Gwynedd, launched a petition after becoming fed up with being sent ‘cheap plastic rubbish’ with her favourite magazine. The Welsh Government backed her campaign, saying her bid could help Wales to become waste free.

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Volunteers remove 1.5 tons of rubbish from Little Cayman beaches

Volunteers removed more than 1.5 tons of rubbish from the shores around Little Cayman last weekend. Members of Plastic Free Cayman teamed up with the Little Cayman National Trust, Central Caribbean Marine Institute, and the Department of Environment for the two-day clean-up effort. They visited Mary’s Bay, where they took 1,700 pounds of rubbish off the beach; Charles Bright, where they removed 830 pounds of debris; and Owen Island, where they cleaned up 600 pounds of rubbish.

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