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This week scientists revealed new findings which suggest microfibres from textiles are inhibiting the lung’s ability to repair. The research was unveiled on Plastic Soup Foundation’s Plastic Health Channel.

South Australia has implemented a ban on single-use plastic straws, stirrers and cutlery, becoming the first state to do so.

In other news, Ribena announced it will remove plastic straws from its cartons, replacing them instead with paper, while the town of Eyemouth has been awarded Plastic Free status by environmental campaign group Surfers Against Sewage.

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Microplastics in textiles may damage lung cells

Microplastics from textiles may inhibit the lung’s ability to repair damage caused by COVID-19, scientists have warned.  Speaking on the Plastic Health Channel researchers unveiled new findings which reveal microfibres from textiles may be harming lung growth, development, and repair. Finding both nylon and polyester negatively affected the growth and repair of airway tissue, researchers said the microfibres could make it more difficult for those with COVID-19 to mend their lungs.  

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South Australia bans single-use plastics

South Australia’s ban on single-use plastics is now in action, with shops banned from selling plastic straws, stirrers and cutlery. The ban is the first of its kind in Australia and specifically prohibits the sale, supply or distribution of plastic single-use items. In a release to the public, Minister for Environment and Water David Speirs said the legislation does not prevent members of the community from bringing their own straws to cafes. Additionally, any business can choose to supply individual single-use plastic drinking straws on request, due to disability or medical needs.

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Seal found trapped in plastic on Felixstowe beach

A seal had to be rescued after becoming trapped in plastic rubbish on Felixstowe beach. The grey seal was spotted by a passerby who alerted British Divers Marine Life Rescue. Medics had to wait until the tide went down before they could free the seal from the litter that was stuck around its neck. The team say that the seal was lucky not to have been injured and that he could be released straight back into the sea.

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Ribena removes plastic straws from cartons

Ribena is removing plastic straws from its cartons after successfully trialling paper replacements. Suntory Beverage and Food GB&I will roll the paper straws out across every carton, with the full roll out taking place in April. Saving up to 16 tonnes of plastic, the new paper straws have been further strengthened on the back of a successful trial at Tesco, and are still bendable.

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Environmental campaigners delighted by Eyemouth’s plastic free status

Environmental campaigners in Eyemouth are delighted the town has received Plastic Free status. This is an honorary title awarded by Surfers Against Sewage. Pushing the town’s green agenda is Sea the Change, a not-for-profit organisation based in Eyemouth which operates on both sides of the border, from Coldingham in the north and Seahouses in the south. For years, the group have been working with businesses from the town, encouraging them to ditch single-use plastics to help protect the environment and to stop litter ending up in the ocean.

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