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This week a new report warned food manufacturers and supermarkets that they could face legal action over a perceived lack of action on plastic pollution. The report from Client Earth said consumer goods companies and grocery retailers fail to recognise, report and act on the risks of plastic packaging.

In other news, the Plastic Health Summit 2021 is set to take place in Amsterdam on October 21. The summit will see some of the world’s most respected academics assess the impact of plastic on human health.

Meanwhile, Mars Petcare has announced it will replace shrink film with cardboard across all mixed multipack cans including Pedigree and Whiskas. The move is set to save 180 tonnes of plastic each year.

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Campaigners warn of legal action against supermarket plastic

Client Earth has said food manufacturers and supermarkets could face legal action over a perceived lack of action on plastic pollution. According to a report published by the charity, fast-moving consumer goods companies and grocery retailers – referred to by Client Earth as ‘Big Food’ – are responsible for the bulk of single-use plastics on the market, however “fail to recognise, report and act” on the risks of plastic packaging. The charity added that this puts them “at risk” of legal action. The report argues that organisations are also not doing enough to mitigate these risks or addressing their “addiction” to single use plastics. It accuses supermarket chains of treating the issue as a PR problem rather than a serious source of risk to their business.

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World’s pre-eminent experts to meet on plastic health crisis 

The world’s most eminent scientific and legal experts are to hold an urgent meeting in the Netherlands in a bid to discuss the health impact of plastic and plastic additives.  Amsterdam is set to play host to the Plastic Health Summit 2021 on Thursday October 21.  Some 10,000 people are able to watch the event digitally with a further 350 attending in-person at Theater Amsterdam. The Summit has been organised by environmental NGO Plastic Soup Foundation, initiator of the Plastic Health Coalition.

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House of Lords debates Environment Bill

On the House of Lords’ first full day after summer recess, members met to debate the Environment Bill. The Environment Bill is currently in its report stage in the House of Lords, which gives members the chance to discuss amendments, which are later considered again in the Commons. The bill’s movement through parliament has been delayed multiple times but is now due to receive royal assent later this autumn. Amendments to be discussed include the introduction of a separate plastics reduction strategy for England, as well as looking at how compostable materials can be used to tackle the plastic crisis.

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Mars Petcare UK to remove 180 tonnes of plastic

Mars Petcare has announced it will replace shrink film with cardboard across all mixed multipack cans of Pedigree, Whiskas, Chappie and Kitekat pet food in the UK. The company said the move will see 180 tonnes of plastic removed from the environment every single year. The new, fully recyclable, packaging is made from cardboard, removing 15 million individual pieces of plastic annually.

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Pregnant endangered seal found with plastic frisbee around neck

A pregnant endangered seal was spotted with a plastic dog frisbee stuck over her head, prompting calls for pet owners to stop buying the ‘potentially deadly’ toys. Animal charity volunteer Adge Lane was seal watching near The Little Orme in Llandudno, North Wales, when he spotted the animal with a 10-inch wide plastic frisbee tightly wedged underneath her chin. The British Divers Marine Life Rescue volunteer claims such an injury could suffocate the seal as she grows, cause issues for her giving birth and even cause her to starve, cutting her 25-year life expectancy painfully short.

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