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This week experts are warning that plastic pollution is nearing an irreversible tipping point. A multinational group of scientists have published an article, warning of the enormous consequences for continuing to throw away plastic which is seldom recycled properly. 

Meanwhile, a raft of leading scientists, MPs and campaigners have called on the Government to take urgent action against the dangers of plastic waste on human health.

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Plastic pollution is nearing irreversible tipping point, experts warn

The world may be approaching an irreversible tipping point for plastic pollution, a group of scientists is warning, with impacts for both the environment and wider society. In an article published inScience, scientists from Sweden, Norway and Germany wrote that there were “enormous” consequences for continuing to throw away plastics, which continue to be “poorly” recycled.

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United Nations sets out ambitious plans to reach global net zero marine plastic pollution by  2050

Ambitious plans to completely stop the increase in marine plastic pollution by the year 2050 have been laid out by researchers with the United Nations. The report, penned by the UN’s International Resource Panel, stresses the need for systemic changes to the entire plastics economy to protect the world’s oceans. Condemning the piecemeal efforts made to date to tackle plastic pollution, the team has called for a reduction in the overall amount of plastic that we produce.

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Experts urge Whitehall to fund research on health impact of plastic pollution

More than 80 leading scientists, MPs and campaigners have called on the Government for “urgent” action as they warn about the dangers of plastic waste on health. The group, which includes environmental experts, warns in recent years evidence has shown plastic waste can lead to chronic diseases..

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Amazon rainforest now emitting more CO2 than it absorbs

The Amazon rainforest is now emitting more carbon dioxide than it is able to absorb, scientists have confirmed for the first time. The emissions amount to a billion tonnes of carbon dioxide a year, according to a study. The giant forest had previously been a carbon sink, absorbing the emissions driving the climate crisis, but is now causing its acceleration, researchers said.

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Trillions of dollars spent on Covid recovery in ways that harm the environment 

Trillions of dollars poured into rescuing economies around the world from the Covid-19 crisis have been spent in ways that worsen the climate crisis and harm nature because governments have failed to fulfil promises of a “green recovery” from the pandemic. Only about a tenth of the $17tn in bailouts provided by governments since the start of the pandemic was spent on activities that reduced greenhouse gas emissions or restored the natural world, according to analysis from Vivid Economics, published on Thursday.

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