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This week the Government decided to delay the Environment Bill again after it was debated in the House of Commons on Tuesday. It said ministers are still committed to the legislation, which sought to tackle issues including plastic pollution, but the impact of the coronavirus had left little time to scrutinise it properly,

Supermarkets also came under fire for failing to act quickly enough on single-use plastic, according to a report from Greenpeace and the Environmental Investigation Agency. The report says despite pledges to reduce plastic, the UK’s top supermarkets have a bigger plastic footprint than in 2017.

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Plastic Free Post

Government postpones Environment Bill again

The Government has decided to postpone the Environment Bill after it was debated in the House of Commons on Tuesday.It said ministers are still committed to the legislation, but the pandemic has left too little time to scrutinise it properly. Campaigners are angry at the latest delay to a bill that was first launched back in July 2018, which was due to tackle issues including plastic pollution, air pollution and water waste.

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Supermarkets failing to act quickly on single-use plastic, report says

The UK’s supermarkets are still putting nearly 900,000 tonnes of plastic packaging on to the market, representing a plastic footprint bigger than in 2017. The retailers sold more than 2 billion plastic bags, according to a new report by Greenpeace and the Environmental Investigation Agency, which called for the government to require companies to publish independently verified audits of their plastic footprint, alongside their financial reports each year.

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Aldi to scrap plastic shrink wrap on all multipack soft drink cans

Aldi has replaced all plastic on its soft drink cans with 100 percent recyclable cardboard, saving over 90 tonnes of plastic each year. The move will mean that nearly 11 million packs of Aldi’s 330ml cola, orangeade, lemonade and tropical drinks will switch to packaging that’s widely recyclable throughout the UK. By the end of this year, this will have rolled out across all own-brand beer and cider products too, saving over 150 tonnes of plastic annually.

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Mangroves threatened by plastic pollution from rivers, new study finds

Mangrove ecosystems are at particular risk of being polluted by plastic carried from rivers to the sea, according to a new study. Some 54 percent of mangrove habitat is within 20 km of a river that discharges more than a tonne of plastic waste a year into the ocean, according to a new paper published in the journal Science of the Total Environment. The paper, written by scientists at GRID-Arendal and the University of Bergen, is the first global assessment of coastal environments’ exposure to river-borne plastic pollution.

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Dove Launches Refillable Deodorant

Dove has launched its first refillable deodorant in the United States. Designed to avoid excess material use and change the way we consume, the deodorant is made from stainless steel while keeping the use of raw materials to a minimum. The refills use some 54 percent less plastic than regular Dove Zero stick packaging. Of the plastic that is used 98 percent is made from recycled content.

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