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This week Comic Relief announced its famous noses will be 100 percent plastic-free for Red Nose Day 2021. The new plant-based noses took 18 months to develop.

Meanwhile Coca-Cola announced it will be testing paper bottles in Europe in a bid to reduce its impact on the world’s plastic crisis. The prototype is the company’s first-ever paper bottle and will be trialled in Hungary this summer.

Aldi have also taken steps to reduce their contribution to plastic pollution by eliminating 2 million pieces of throwaway plastic from its Easter range.

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Plastic Free Post

Comic Relief launches plastic-free noses for Red Nose Day 2021ution

Comic Relief has launched its first ever 100 percent plastic-free Red Nose, which will be available later this month for Red Nose Day 2021. The new noses, which have taken over 18 months to develop, are made from bagasse, a natural sustainable by-product of sugarcane. Instead of simply sitting in landfill after use, these noses will naturally biodegrade.

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Coca-Cola testing paper bottles in Europe to reduce plastic

Drinks giant Coca-Cola is testing paper bottles in Europe in a bid to eliminate plastic waste by the year 2030. The US company’s first-ever paper bottle prototype will be available this summer through a limited online trial in Hungary. A run of 2,000 bottles of the company’s ‘plant-based snacking drink’ AdeZ will be offered via the country’s e-grocery retailer

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Majority of Canadians want plastic ban expanded

The majority of Canadians want to see the government expand its list of banned single-use plastics, according to a new survey. A poll released by Oceana Canada found two-thirds of Canadians think the government should expand its plastic ban to include additional harmful single use plastics. The government originally announced a ban of six single-use plastic items that are set to be phased out across the country by 2022. The list includes plastic bags, straws, stir sticks, plastic cutlery, six-pack rings and food containers made from hard-to-recycle plastics.

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Aldi scraps 2 million pieces of plastic from Easter range

Aldi is removing two million pieces of throwaway plastic from its Easter confectionery range. As part of this, the supermarket is giving some of its Easter eggs a square-shaped bottom so they no longer need to be supported with inner plastic packaging. Other changes include replacing plastic windows from the outer packaging of several products with compostable cellulose film made from wood fibres. Aldi will also launch a fully sustainable chocolate box, with an insert made from recycled potato skins.

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New Edinburgh plastic-free shop opens after success of city centre store

A new green supermarket is set to open in Edinburgh, helping customers to cut out excess packaging and plastic waste. The shop is the first franchise outlet of the Refillery, Edinburgh’s largest plastic-free and ethical grocery store, which was set up three years ago in the city’s Newington area. The original store welcomes 1000 customers per week and stocks a huge choice of over 1200 products in store and online.

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