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This week we saw a stark reminder of the scourge of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans as more than 47 tons of plastic waste was removed from America’s largest protected marine reserve – the Papahānaumokuākea marine national monument in the remote Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.

Asda announced it is moving its chicken range out of plastic trays and into new pouches, removing 50 percent of the product’s plastic packaging in the process. The full range will switch to the pouches by mid-summer the supermarket said.

In other news, American male grooming brand Old Spice launched its first ever plastic-free deodorant in a bid to tackle the beauty industry’s plastic use.

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Plastic Free Post

Over 47 tons of plastic found at US marine reserve

More than 47 tons of plastic waste were removed from America’s largest protected marine reserve during a three week expedition. The team cleared 10 miles of shoreline in the atolls and islands of the Papahānaumokuākea marine national monument in the remote Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. Members of the expedition, led by a non-profit with support from state and federal agencies, collected 94,472lb of marine debris, aiming specifically for waste that poses an entanglement hazard to animals, such as derelict fishing gear.

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Asda switches chicken packaging from plastic trays to pouches

Asda is set to save 50 percent of plastic packaging on its chicken range as it moves it out of trays and into new pouches. The supermarket said the move will save 450 tonnes of plastic annually. Customers will see the new packaging launch on chicken thighs in the coming weeks and by the middle of summer, the full range will be switched to the pouches. Additionally the new packaging supports hygienic preparation of meals, with customers able to simply pour the poultry from-pack straight into the pan, without needing to pick the chicken up with hands or utensils.

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Old Spice launches its first-ever plastic-free deodorant

Old Spice has launched its first-ever plastic-free deodorant in a bid to tackle plastic in the beauty industry. Made from 90 percent post-consumer recycled materials, the all-paper push-up deodorant stick is said to be Old Spice’s most environmentally friendly product to date. The new deodorant features the brand’s Clean Waters scent, made with minerals and plant-based materials as well as a blend of sea salt and cedar notes.

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Scientists find way to remove polluting microplastics with bacteria

Microbiologists have devised a sustainable way to remove polluting microplastics from the environment by using bacteria. Bacteria naturally tend to group together and stick to surfaces, and this creates an adhesive substance called biofilm. Researchers at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University want to use this sticky bacteria property and create tape-like microbe nets that can capture microplastics in polluted water to form an easily disposable and recyclable blob. These findings, presented at the Microbiology Society’s annual conference, are still preliminary, but scientists hope it could pave the way forward for lowering plastic pollution levels.

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Plant-based plastic-free gum Nuud makes UK retail debut

Plant-based, plastic-free and biodegradable gum brand Nuud has made its UK retail debut. The brand – which is sweetened with xylitol and claims to be completely vegan and biodegradable – has rolled into Waitrose. It uses a tree sap called chicle in the place of plastic in its gum base, which it claims helps the gum biodegrade naturally like a banana skin.

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