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Interview: Janez Potočnik – Co-Chair of the UN International Resource Panel

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On the latest episode of Behind the Story, John Higginson is joined by Co-Chair of the UN International Resource Panel Janez Potočnik

Together John and Janez discussed environmental policymaking, the circular economy, the need to redesign economic models, and much more.

Janez Potočnik is the Co-Chair of the United Nations’ International Resource Panel (IRP), a forum of eminent scientists and experts working to improve our use of resources worldwide. From 2009 until 2014, Janez served as European Commissioner for Environment. Prior to that, he was Slovenia’s Minister for European Affairs. In September 2013 he received the United Nations’ Champions of the Earth Award.

This is the fifth podcast in a series of episodes by Higginson Strategy’s Nature 2030 campaign – a movement aiming to smash the silo culture that hampers humanity’s efforts to respond to the challenges global nature is facing.

The series is focused on how to save the world from environmental disaster.

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