Empower is a strategic communications practice with a purpose

Set within Higginson Strategy, Empowerwants to level the playing field between men and women, not because equality is the end goal, but because it is the starting point for creating a space of genuine value, worthiness and respect in society.

We are entering a new age of female empowerment. During the first phase we were given a seat at the table, but when we got there, the skills women brought were undermined. Representation is not enough. Recent campaigns such as #GenderPayGap and #MeToo have shown us that the rules are still written by men for men.

Men and women are not the same. We don’t want them to be. There are dividends in difference. We call for less ascribing and more listening, less judging and more believing.

Empower believes equality is not about having an equal number of men and women sat at a table. We work with organisations that campaign to give equal weight to the strengths that both men and women bring to the world.


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“Often when we talk about empowerment, we’re referring to a simple 50/50 split in opportunities between men and women. But the reality is, that, for the most part, women and men are still very unequal, especially in terms of representation. Also in terms of the roles that they are able to play and the way in which the business recognises their needs and contributions as leaders; as staff and as customers.”

Jacqui Smith

Former Home Secretary and Chair of Empower