Challenge: In early 2017 A Plastic Planet was just a concept. The campaign had a clear ask and purpose, but with little media coverage and zero social media followers to speak of. A Plastic Planet had a simple goal: a Plastic Free Aisle in supermarkets.

Solution: Using big-bang media tactics, Higginson has ensured that hundreds of millions of people have read about the campaign via extensive coverage in world-class titles like the New York Times, Washington Post, The Guardian, BBC and CNN.

Outcome: Higginson has fueled A Plastic Planet’s meteoric rise to become one of the world’s most respected campaign movements in the plastic-free space. In February 2018, A Plastic Planet launched the world’s first Plastic Free Aisle in supermarkets.

Plastic Free Aisle, picture credit - Ewout Huibers (1)

Challenge: To establish London Design Studio Made Thought as thought leaders in the global visual culture space.

Solution: Higginson helped to organise and create a journal featuring a collection of longform conversations between Made Thought’s founders and a range of inspiring thinkers from an eclectic range of fields, such as Tom Dixon, Craig Robins and Frederic Malle. The journal was titled TO THINK to reflect that deep thought was at the core of what Made Thought do.

Outcome: The first edition of TO THINK – ‘How do you go deep in a shallow world?’ launched in September 2018. The beautifully designed journal helped establish Made Thought as leading thinkers in the design world as they were interviewed by leading trade publications to discuss TO THINK and the wide-range of topics it covered.

Made Thought To Think

Challenge: Charity The Girl Generation has resolved to end Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in a generation but has struggled to get its voice heard in 10 countries across Africa.

Solution: Higginson supported The Girl Generation to deliver the first pan-African Youth Summit dedicated to ending FGM, attended by young people from across 17 countries. By mobilising activists, Higginson helped them turn their vision into a clear communications strategy and then delivered it.

Outcome: Higginson has broken the silence that surrounds FGM by securing regional, national and international print and broadcast coverage across Africa and worldwide. The social media campaign #IHaveSpoken has been seen by over seven million people and celebrities and political figures across the continent have publicly pledged to support the youth end FGM in a generation.

young people in Nigeria take to the streets to break the silence of FGM in their communitiesjpg (1)
WealthiHer Logo

Challenge: Despite 60% of the UK’s wealth expected to be in the hands of women by 2025, the finance industry remained aimed at men, by men. Women’s unique needs and attitudes towards wealth and investment were simply being drowned out.

Solution: Higginson gave women across the finance industry a voice through a media strategy that amplified the formation of The WealthiHer Network. Working closely with leading members of the networking at HSBC, Barclays and JP Morgan Higginson arranged interviews in financial and national newspapers and broadcast media including the Financial Times, The Economist, Forbes, BBC, LBC, Real Business, City Wealth and City AM showcasing the network’s formation on International Women’s Day.

Outcome: The WealthiHer Network is now known as an authority on women’s wealth among financial journalists and industry. The network is now making strides to creating greater gender balance across the financial industry and changing perceptions by championing female clients.

The WealthiHer Network